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  1. What is the Fare Alert system?
  2. How do I create a new alert?
  3. When will I receive alerts?
  4. How will I receive alerts?
  5. Why can I only set up Chinese domestic Fare Alerts?
  6. How much do I have to pay for this amazing service?
What is the Fare Alert system?
Think of it as a robotic personal assistant who bothers you only when your fare criteria is matched. You enter your Fare Alert and the system sends you a SMS or an email if your criteria are matched. The system searches based on your criteria many times a day and sends you an update when the price you requested is found.
How do I create a new alert?

First select whether you want a one-way, round-trip, or weekend Fare Alert. Then, enter your origin and destination. Round-trip Fare Alerts contain the total price of both legs of your potential trip.

“Weekend Alerts” are our favorites. You specify that you want to go somewhere for a weekend in any particular month, enter your price, and the system shows you the cheapest possible weekend trip for that month and destination. If you know you want to take a trip at some point but are flexible with your dates, this feature helps you decide based on price. The system searches for Friday departures and Sunday return flights for that month and provides you with the cheapest combination.

As you enter your alert, you must specify whether you want to receive alerts only the price is lower than your stated “max price,” or whether you want to receive them daily.

Then click “confirm” and you’re done. Just wait for a match and start saving!

When will I receive alerts?

If you specified you want to receive Fare Alerts “daily,” you’ll get an email or SMS every day with the lowest fare for that route at around 5pm.

If you specified “max price” than we’ll only send you an email or SMS when the price you specified, or anything lower than that is found. After you receive your first email or SMS for a “max price” alert, you’ll only receive additional emails or SMS’s if an even lower price is found. Pretty cool, right?

To stop receiving messages about that or any alert, simply remove the checkboxes next to email and SMS, or delete the alert entirely.

How will I receive alerts?

You will receive alerts only if you specify that you want to. The two checkboxes in my alerts, “SMS and “Email” should be checked depending on how you want to receive those alerts. If you want to adjust where those alerts are sent, go to notification settings and edit your email or phone number.

To see an example of the email you’ll receive when your fare is matched, click here.

Why can I only set up Chinese domestic fare alerts?
Currently the Fare Alert system only covers flights mainland China. We hope that this will change soon but in order to make this upgrade possible, we’ve got to prove that the current version works, so tell your friends to start saving as much as you are using the Fare Alert!
How much do I have to pay for this amazing service?
Absolutely nothing! Actually, if you think about all the money you are saving using this system, we’re paying YOU…sort of.

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