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VIP Membership

What is Ctrip VIP Membership?

Ctrip VIP Membership is given to customers with a Ctrip account who have a good payment history with the company and have made a certain number of bookings (See How do I become a Ctrip VIP Member?). No other membership fee is required. VIP membership can change on an annual basis depending on customer behavior.

What are the levels of Ctrip VIP Membership?

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond—each level of Ctrip VIP Membership offers a number of benefits to reward our best customers! Each VIP membership level increases the number of Ctrip points earned with every booking. See more about how Ctrip Points are accumulated.

How can I upgrade my membership level?

Currently, you still need to call Ctrip Customer Service for assistance in upgrading your membership level when your account reaches the requirements.
Note: When your account has met the requirements for Diamond VIP Membership, the system will automatically upgrade your level. No other action is required.

How do I become a Ctrip VIP Member?

Every hotel, flight and vacation package booking you make with Ctrip after successful registration will gain you Ctrip Points.

VIP membership level is based on the number of basic points accumulated in your account in one year as listed below. Good payment history with Ctrip is also a requirement.

  1. Gold Member: 2,000 basic points
  2. Platinum Member: 8,000 basic points
  3. Diamond Member: 20,000 basic points

See our Accounts and points section for basic rules of accumulating Ctrip Points.

Note: The 1,000 Ctrip Points awarded to your account upon registration will not be counted toward membership level upgrades.

How do I know what my membership level is?

After logging in, select Profile under My account. Membership level is shown at the top left corner of the page under your account name.

What are "basic points"?

These are points that are used to calculate Ctrip VIP Membership level.
Only points earned for making hotel, flight or vacation package bookings with Ctrip (See How are Ctrip Points accumulated?) are considered "basic points." It does not include the 1,000 Ctrip Points awarded to new members nor does it include additional the bonus Ctrip Points earned by Ctrip VIP Members on each booking.

How long do Ctrip VIP Memberships continue?

VIP memberships last for a year from the date they are earned. VIP membership level is extended for another year as long as a good payment record with Ctrip is maintained and the following conditions are met:

  1. Gold Member: 2 or more completed bookings or booking amount equal to or greater than CNY 1,000
  2. Platinum Member: 4 or more completed bookings or booking amount equal to or greater than CNY 2,000
  3. Diamond Member: 6 or more completed bookings or booking amount equal to or greater than CNY 3,000