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Do you want to play an instrumental role in the globalization and innovation of China’s online travel industry?
Do you aspire to create new businesses, with the support of cross-disciplinary teams and extensive company resources?
Are you excited to work alongside world-class entrepreneurs and managers, exchanging ideas and receiving feedback on a daily basis?
Do you share our love of combining travel & technology, and dream to transform & redefine the travel experience?

If you answer “Yes” to above questions, please read on…

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) offers you a unique opportunity to take on global business development challenges and initiatives, leveraging your business skills and cross-cultural expertise, unleashing your creative power, while honing your leadership capabilities. This is a full-time opportunity based in Shanghai, China. If you are a driven individual looking to build your career in a fast-paced, open and collaborative environment, if you dream to innovate and reshape the travel industry in the Mobile Internet era, this program is for you. As one of the world’s leading Online Travel Agencies, Ctrip is seeking motivated high-potential individuals who thrive in a fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment, are willing to learn, innovate and to take initiatives and risks to drive both the company’s growth and your personal career to the next level.

The Global Leader Program aims to discover and cultivate the next generation of leaders to tackle the challenges and opportunities of sustainable innovation and globalization. This selective and competitive program recruits MBA graduates from top business schools with global vision and cross-cultural expertise. It is comprised of advanced business and professional development training, as well as on-the-job assignments. you’ll be placed into a challenging management role that suits your strengths and interests, and aligns with the company’s business demands. You’ll assume the role of Chief of Staff to a Business Unit CEO, gaining exposure to various functional areas, such as business strategy, finance, product, marketing, sales, customer relations, etc.

To help ensure your success as a participant in the GLP program, you will work closely with your business unit CEO, and collaboratively with team members on high-visibility work assignments that will enhance your critical-thinking and leadership skills. You’ll be responsible for delivering high-quality results that support your BU’s strategic and tactical goals.

In the program, you will:

  • Work closely with a senior management-level mentor, who will meet with you regularly, providing you with coaching and feedback, and discussing your interests & opportunities
  • Have many opportunities to network with Ctrip senior management and peers, learn from industry experts, and gain valuable career advice
  • Have opportunities to build new ventures with direct investment & tremendous support from the company
  • Be placed on a career development fast-track toward organization senior management
  • Receive a competitive compensation package

  • Top B-School MBA graduate with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Professional work experience with proven career advancement
  • Entrepreneurial drive with innovation mindset and strong business acumen
  • Excited to take initiatives, possess a can-do attitude, and be result-driven
  • Global vision and mindset to thrive in a diverse culture and environment
  • Strong analytical, strategic thinking, communication, and project management skills
  • Demonstrated thought leadership, strategic execution, and teamwork skills
  • Interest in exploring a variety of business areas
  • Ability to work well in a team-oriented and fast-paced environment
  • Fluency in both Chinese and English

Ctrip GLP Members

  • Zhe Wang, CBS

  • Leslie Xu, Harvard

  • Pei Pei, Marshall

  • Jian Chu, Johnson

It has been almost 15 months since I joined Ctrip - I can still remember the very first day. Right after MBA graduation, I was leading the overseas settlement team with 11 team members. Leading such size of team was a new challenge to me and to improve the team’s efficiency made it even harder. However, I was not alone --- top management, my team leader and peers all provided great support and help. Meanwhile, my MBA experience equipped me with a right mindset and skillset to solve those challenges in the real business world. In addition, the program and Ctrip’s platform provided enough room and flexibility for me to grow and further realize my potential. Now 15 months has been past, my team has expanded to almost 40 and our efficiency has improved by 30%+. At the same time, I am leading several group-wide projects, including a cross-border payment project and global tax planning, which will create USD$10 million + value each year for the Group. Moreover, I am still exposed to many new opportunities and challenges every day.
If you are looking for a true “leadership” program and a fast-track career path, Ctrip is the right company for you.

Online Travel is definitely a promising sector around the world and especially in China, where the penetration rate of online channel is still low at around 20%. As the market leader in China with strong growth, Ctrip is well-positioned to take on the world and become a dominant global OTA giant. Witnessing this trend, I chose to come to Shanghai after finishing my MBA studies and joined Ctrip Global Leadership Program to become a part of this exciting journey. Now heading a 300 people team under International Accommodation business, I have been given ample learning opportunities in new functions as well as real responsibilities that contributed to the bottom line of the business. Ctrip Global Leadership Program is of strategic importance to the company’s future expansion on the global stage. If you are a talented and ambitious young professional, Ctrip GLP is a great platform for you to enhance your capabilities and realize your true potential.

Ctrip global leadership program is a great opportunity for those who want to challenge themselves, who are dedicated to delivering results and used to changes. You will take full responsibility to make things happen, to achieve goals by trying all attempts, which is a great practice to get personal growth in a comprehensive way; You will learn to adapt quickly to changes, within one year after I joined the company, Ctrip made several critical moves which changed China online traveling market, the whole company acted efficiently to break down and meet changing strategic goals; More importantly, you will find yourself inspired by people around you, who are always full of passion, eager to win and able to deliver results, these attributes are the winning code of China internet enterprises, and the valuable lesson I learned here in Ctrip.

Being founded in 1999, Ctrip has been 17 years old now. However, the company is still as vigorous as a startup. The industry is changing fast every day, which requires us to always keep eyes open to the outside. The GLP is not a routine job. It requires us to be both innovative and down to earth. This position gives me ample opportunities to talk with my boss, who is also the VP of the company, and show him what I think. This direct discussion helps me learn this industry quickly and empowers me to try what I want. I think finding a job is not the ultimate goal for MBA students, while what kind of job you will do matters more. Ctrip Global Leadership Program gives me the opportunity to apply what I learned in business school to real business world. So, welcome to join Ctrip GLP family. I am looking forward to working with you in this dynamic family. Let’s work together to make a better world, creating more happiness to people travelling around the world.

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