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Hotel reservations

  1. Search process
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  3. Reservation process
  4. Cancellation and modification
  5. Check-in and checkout

Search process

How can I find a hotel?

I.Search for Ctrip hotels by inputting your destination city and duration of stay into the search box on the home page or by clicking on the Hotels tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Additionally, you can search by hotel name or add a price range, star range or area of town by clicking the arrow next to Show additional options.

II.Additional search filters, including hotel facilities, can be added to a hotel search from the list page by clicking the boxes under Filter on the left-hand side of the next page. Search filters can be removed by clicking the appropriate blue box above the search results or by clicking Clear .

III.Click the Hotels tab in the top navigation bar on any page to return to the main hotels page, where you'll find information on special deals as well as the most popular destinations and hotels.

How do I search for a hotel in a certain area using the map tool?

After using the search function as detailed above, you will see a page listing all hotels in the selected city. Click Show map above the list of hotels and find a certain area by dragging the map. You will see all available hotels and rooms in this area listed by icons. Click on the icon you want and continue the reservation.

How do I change the city?

Please add the new city name in the box under Staying in and click the Search button.

How can I sort hotels by stars, area, price, hotel facilities, etc.?

You can sort your hotel search by using these buttons at the top of the page:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a box with more search options including hotel rating, type, brands, facilities and so on.

What does the diamond rating mean?

The Ctrip diamond rating system is based primarily on Ctrip member comments from Ctrip's Chinese-language site. The Chinese National Tourism Bureau's rating, which awards one to five stars based on quality, amenities, service, reputation and customer satisfaction, is also factored in. Finally, we rely on reviews provided by a select group of Ctrip travel specialists. In our ratings, we seek fairness, objectivity and accuracy. The ratings have no commercial purpose and Ctrip never uses these ratings in negotiating prices with member hotels.

  • 6 diamonds: highly recommended 5-star hotels
  • 5 diamonds: recommended 5-star hotels and highly recommended 4-star hotels
  • 4 diamonds: recommended 4-star hotels and highly recommended 3-star hotels
  • 3 diamonds: recommended 3-star hotels and highly recommended 2-star hotels
  • 2 diamonds: recommended 2-star hotels and highly recommended 1-star hotels
  • 1 diamond: recommended 1-star hotels
  • A half-diamond: indicates hotels between any two diamond levels

What does the grade (e.g., 4.2 Superb) mean?

The number is determined by the overall user ratings of the hotel on a scale from 1 to 5. Learn more about a hotel’s user rating, including how many users have reviewed the hotel and user ratings for specific attributes including location, cleanliness, service and facilities, by clicking the aforementioned number or the Reviews tab. The number of reviews also appears on this tab.

Adjectives have been added to the number rating for clarity.

What does the Cmoney icon () mean?

This icon indicates a room that can earn you Ctrip Cmoney. After booking a room tagged with the icon, you will receive an email notification to confirm your Cmoney. These Cmoney can be used like cash for future bookings at some hotels. More about Ctrip Cmoney.

What does the sale icon () mean?

This icon means that the hotel is currently subject to a special deal. By clicking the icon you can find out the sale conditions.

Why is there more than one rate for the same room type?

A room type may be subject to different promotions at the same time. In this case, the different promotions and associated rates will appear under the hotel room type.

I would like to stay longer than 28 days/nights.

If you would like to book a stay which exceeds 28 days, you must make two separate bookings of 28 days or less.

Price and payment

Do displayed room rates include service fees and/or taxes?

Rates on the hotel display pages do not include taxes or service fees, but the total price (inclusive of taxes and service fees) is shown on the booking confirmation page. Some hotels in Xiamen are subject to an additional city tax upon check-in.

What are my payment options?

You have four payment options:

a. Pay at the hotel: Most hotels accept payment at the hotel with no prepayment required. Due to a high demand for hotel rooms in China during peak periods, many hotels require credit card information to guarantee your reservation. Your credit card won't be charged unless you choose to pay by card at the end of your stay (or if you do not show up or cancel after the hotel cancellation deadline).

b. Pay by credit card: Prepaying for your hotel stay with a credit card allows you to use Ctrip Cmoney to reduce the cost of your booking. Ctrip accepts Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Amex.

c. Pay with Ctrip Cmoney: On individual hotel pages, some rooms will be marked Prepay online and include Cmoney as an option for payment. To use Cmoney to reduce the cost of your booking, select Prepay online . More about Ctrip Cmoney.

d. Paypal: Pay using Paypal.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details?

Yes, it is safe to enter your credit card details on the Ctrip website as Ctrip uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security over the Internet, to encrypt all information.

Can I make a reservation for myself using someone else’s credit card?

Yes. Please make sure you have the cardholder’s permission and note that you may be contacted for security purposes when making a 3rd party booking to verify card information.

Does the hotel need a deposit or payment in advance?

Most hotels don't require payment in advance or a deposit. If they do, you can find the details under Hotel policy below Hotel details on the hotel’s page and in your confirmation email.

How does the credit card guarantee work?

After receiving your credit card information, we will book your room(s) for you after verification.

After your booking has been confirmed, your room(s) will be held for you until noon of the day following your check-in date. You may incur a no-show charge if you do not show up at all or if you cancel after the hotel deadline. This charge is generally the equivalent of one night's stay at the hotel.

Ctrip cannot guarantee that your booking can be canceled or modified once your credit card guarantee has been verified. See more about canceling or modifying hotel bookings.

How will I know if my card has been pre-authorized?

The available balance in your bank account will be reduced by the amount of your reservation. The transaction should also appear wherever your bank lists pending transactions in your account

If you are not sure if your card has been pre-authorized, request either your hotel or your credit card company to check your transactions.

How long will the pre-authorization hold affect my available balance?

Please contact your card provider to find out the general terms and conditions associated with their pre-authorization procedures as these terms vary.

What should I do if the credit card that I used to confirm the booking is invalid or has been canceled?

If your card has become invalid or been canceled, please contact us at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or +86 21 3210 4669 (outside Mainland China) to avoid any problems at check-in.

Does Ctrip provide a hotel booking confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation email with your hotel booking information after Ctrip has confirmed your reservation. Present this email to the hotel at check-in.

How can I get a receipt?

For a receipt, please call 400 828 8966 (Mainland China) or (86 21) 3210 4669 (international). Note our receipt policy below.

  1. Receipts are only available for hotel bookings made and prepaid through Ctrip. This does not include any additional expense accrued during your stay or other costs paid directly to the hotel. If you choose to pay at the hotel or prepay the hotel directly, you will need to contact the hotel for a receipt.
  2. Receipts for hotel bookings must be requested within 90 days of checkout.

Reservation process

How do I book a hotel with Ctrip?

There are three basic ways to book:

  1. Book online at http://english.ctrip.com/.
  2. Call us at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or +86 21 3210 4669 (outside Mainland China).
  3. Download our new Ctrip app.

Can I fill in the guest information for someone else when I make a reservation?

Yes. If you book a hotel for another person, please fill in the personal information of the person who will check in.

What should I do if I have a special room request (e.g. non-smoking room or king-size bed)?

You can input your special requests in the Additional requests box on the hotel booking page. Ctrip will forward your requests to the hotel on your behalf, but cannot guarantee that hotels can fulfill the requests. If the hotel denies your request, Ctrip will inform you promptly.

How can I get information regarding extra beds, breakfast and other room details?

On individual hotel description pages, click on the small triangle “” beside Room information.

What is the maximum number of rooms I can book per transaction?

You can book up to eight rooms. Bookings for more than eight rooms require multiple transactions.

Can I add guests to my current hotel booking?

If the room you have booked is not at maximum occupancy and your booking hasn’t been confirmed, you can modify your booking to add more guests. Once your booking has been confirmed, you must make a new reservation for additional guests.

Why do I need to input the estimated arrival time?

Hotels use estimated arrival times to ensure all guestrooms are ready upon the new guest’s arrival. Checking in before noon may result in an additional fee.

How will I know when my reservation is confirmed?

You will receive an email confirming your reservation. If you provide a mobile phone number, you will also receive a confirmation message (within Mainland China only).

Note: Be sure to provide at least one of the following in case there is a problem with your reservation: a Mainland China mobile phone number, an international mobile phone number or a landline phone number.

We will send you a confirmation email after receiving reservation confirmation from the hotel. Usually, confirmation time is as follows:

For Mainland China hotels, you will generally receive an email reservation confirmation within 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, for some promotional room rates, it may take 3 to 6 hours to get confirmation. You will be notified of how long you can expect to receive confirmation after you have submitted your booking.

For Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan hotels, you will receive an email reservation confirmation:

  • Within 4 hours for reservations received during business hours (Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. Beijing time)
  • Within 3 hours for reservations made on the same day as check-in that are received during business hours/p>
  • Within 24 hours for reservations received outside of business hours

For overseas hotels, you will receive an email reservation confirmation:

  • Within 3 hours for reservations made on the same day as check-in that are received between 9:00 a.m.– 11:59 p.m. Beijing time
  • Before 12:00 p.m. for reservations made on the same day as check-in that are received between 12:00 a.m.–08:59 a.m. Beijing time
  • Within 24 hours for reservations made before the check-in day that are received during business hours (Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. Beijing time)
  • Within 24 hours on the next business day for reservations received outside of business hours

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

The number of breakfasts will be displayed beside the room type. If nothing is displayed, the room rate does not include breakfast. Breakfast availability varies between hotels. If you would like to inquire about breakfast options, we recommend that you contact the hotel directly.

Do hotels charge for use of parking, the gym, sauna or other facilities?

This varies from hotel to hotel. Some charge extra whereas the facilities are free in others. For details, please contact the hotel directly.

Cancellation and modification

How can I change or cancel my hotel reservation?

Click My account in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Sign in and access Orders to see your booking history.

To change your reservation, click the booking number and Modify order. Then follow the directions to select and reserve a new hotel. To cancel your entire reservation, click Cancel order. (Canceled bookings cannot be reopened.)

Any cancellation or change made to the hotel reservation must be made before the hotel's deadline. After the deadline you cannot change or cancel your reservation online, but you can call us at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or +86 21 3210 4669 (outside Mainland China) for assistance.

All cancellations and changes after the deadline will be subject to extra fees.

What is the deadline for canceling or changing my hotel reservation?

Cancellation or modification policies vary by hotel and will be shown in the Hotel notes near the bottom of the page during booking, including cancellation and modification deadlines. Please make a note of this deadline to avoid any charges or fees.

Room types with free cancellation will have a deadline you can find by hovering over the i next to Free cancellation on the individual hotel page.

We suggest you make hotel reservations 1 or 2 days in advance during the off-season in China and, if possible, about half a month in advance during peak travel periods, including the Chinese National Holiday (usually around the week of 1 October) and Spring Festival (also known as “Chinese New Year,” which follows the lunar calendar and usually falls between February and March).

How do I extend my stay?

If you need extend your stay, please contact us at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or +86 21 3210 4669 (outside Mainland China) in advance. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your extension request, please create a new booking for that period through our website. For your convenience, hotels usually arrange for your extended stay to be in the same room as the original booking. However, please note that room rates may change.

Check-in and checkout

What do I have to present to the hotel at check-in?

Please present your valid ID at check-in. Presenting the confirmation email for your hotel stay sent by Ctrip may expedite the check-in process in some cases.

Please note: A small number of hotels have additional requirements for check-in. In such cases, a note appears during the booking process.

Can I change the name on my reservation?

Should you need to change the name on your reservation, please contact Ctrip as soon as possible at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or +86 21 3210 4669 (outside Mainland China). If you do not contact us to change the guest name, the hotel reserves the right to refuse your booking.

What happens if I don't check in at my hotel?

For prepaid bookings and those guaranteed by credit card, you may incur a no-show charge if you fail to show or cancel too late. This charge is usually equal to one night's stay or the full price of your stay. You will not earn any Ctrip points for no-shows and points may be deducted from your account as a penalty. More about Ctrip points and membership level

For any other order, inform Ctrip promptly if you must cancel to avoid incurring any fees and losing points.

What should I do if I would like an early checkout at an overseas hotel?

If there is an emergency, please contact Ctrip as soon as possible and we will do our best to coordinate with the hotel to help you get a refund. Otherwise, you may still have to pay the full cost of the reservation.

Contact us

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