Terms of Use

Welcome to Ctrip.com! Reminder: Before using the services of Ctrip, please be sure to read carefully and thoroughly understand the Terms of Use including but not necessarily limited to this Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, FAQs, etc. (collectively referred hereinafter as the "Terms of Use") and the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of that service/product provider, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the service/product provider that may apply to your visit or stay (including information available on Ctrip Platform and the relevant rules that can be obtained with the relevant provider), especially sections in bold font. The terms "Ctrip" refers to Ctrip.com International, Ltd. and/or any or all of Ctrip Affiliates including but not necessarily limited to Ctrip Singapore Pte. Ltd., Ctrip.com (Hong Kong) Limited, Shanghai Ctrip Commerce Co. Ltd., Ctrip Japan Co. Ltd., Ctrip International Travel Australia Pty Limited, Ctrip Air Ticketing (UK) Limited and Ctrip International Travel (U.S.) Co. Ltd. You (the "user") can discontinue use of the services provided by Ctrip at any time, but by accessing our services, it will forthwith be considered that you have given full approval to this Terms of Use.You (the "user") can discontinue use of the services provided by Ctrip at any time, but by accessing our services, it will forthwith be considered that you have given full approval to this Terms of Use.

Service Description

You fully understand and agree that, according to keywords you enter or links you click, Ctrip generates website links and other relevant product information including descriptions, prices, and availability, in an automated fashion. The abovementioned method is imperfect, and errors can be caused due to information not being updated in a timely manner, aggregation of product and service information, and inaccurate data extraction. As such, you fully understand and accept any inconvenience caused by flaws in our products or services, and understand that Ctrip does not assume any responsibility.

For users' convenience, Ctrip sometimes provides ratings, recommendations and risk warnings regarding the trustworthiness of products. All such information is for users' reference only, and Ctrip cannot guarantee the accuracy and integrity of such information, nor shall Ctrip assume responsibility for the content and service of recommended websites.

You fully understand that when purchasing tourism products and services through Ctrip both now and in the future, including but not limited to flight tickets, hotels, vacation packages, train tickets and bus tickets, that you shall assume relevant obligations and rights in accordance with the instructions, regulations and policies listed on relevant websites. You must strictly comply with the aforementioned instructions, regulations and policies, which along with this Terms of Use constitute the agreement between you and Ctrip.

You understand that any graphic or personal opinion published by Ctrip only represents the view of the content providers and/or users, and is not Ctrip's opinion in any way. You shall individually and independently determine and bare all risks should you come across unpleasant and inappropriate content when using Ctrip's services. Ctrip shall not assume any responsibility.

Ctrip provides an online platform for travel service suppliers and third party agencies (including but not limited to providers of flight tickets, accommodation and other tourism products) to promote their available products and services, in addition to our own products and services. For accommodation products, all information shown on our platform (including but not limited to the name of accommodation provider, contact person and information, accommodation description and related pictures and videos) are provided and uploaded by the accommodation provider. The provider shall assume the relevant legal liability for all the information provided. All accommodation providers may in their own discretion update information about their property including the room rate, number of available rooms and other information displayed to users, from the platform's backend.

Please suitably backup your text, images and other information. You fully understand and agree that Ctrip's storage hardware may have limitations, fail, be in the process of updating or come under attack, and as such all or part of your information stored by our platforms may be deleted, damaged, lost or be unrecoverable. The user shall bear this full risk; Ctrip shall not assume any responsibility.

Terms of Use

  1. Recognition and Acceptance of the Privacy Policy
    Respecting users' personal privacy is one of the fundamental policies of Ctrip. The Ctrip App compiles and displays travel service information for hotels and flight ticket agencies and other travel providers for users' benefit. In addition, it allows users to contact and reserve the aforementioned travel products. By completing the registration process and clicking the "Agree and Register" button, users are aware of the information described in this Privacy Policy, and agree and accept all the terms set out by Ctrip.

    Ctrip attaches the utmost importance to our users' personal data and privacy security. Should you have any inquiries or suggestions regarding our privacy statements, please contact qa@ctrip.com

  2. Usage Regulations

    When using services provided by Ctrip, the user shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China ("China") and other jurisdictions, if applicable. The user shall insure not to engage in any illegal or inappropriate activities while using the services, including but not limited to:

    The uploading, displaying, disseminating or by any other means transmitting information containing any of the following:

    1. Opposing the fundamental principles determined in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China;
    2. compromising China's state security, divulging State secrets, subverting State power or damaging national unity;
    3. harming the dignity or interests of China;
    4. incitation of ethnic hatred or racial discrimination or damaging inter-ethnic unity;
    5. sabotaging China's national religious policy or propagating heretical teachings or feudal superstitions;
    6. disseminating rumors, disturbing social order or disrupting social stability;
    7. propagating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder or fear or inciting the commission of crimes;
    8. insulting or slandering others or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;
    9. including falsehoods, harming, threatening, or infringing upon the privacy of others, harassing, slandering, using vulgar language, profanity or other matters which are morally invidious; or
    10. encompassing any other matters limited or prohibited by any laws, rules or administrative regulations of China or other jurisdictions, if applicable.

    Using Ctrip's service system for any illegal purposes, including engaging in any of the following activities:

    1. a) Enter into the computer information network or use the computer information network resources without authorization;
      b) delete, edit or add functions to the computer information network without authorization;
      c) delete, edit or add data or applications which are stored, dealt or transmitted in the computer information network without authorization;
      d) intentionally create or disseminate computer viruses and other destructive programs; e) any other behavior which damages computer information network security.
    2. Commercial use of any data display on Ctrip websites or belonging to Ctrip, including but not limited to copying, disseminating or by any means using such information without written consent in advance.
    3. Using any device, software, procedure or other means to intervene or attempt to intervene in the normal operation, or any transaction or activity, of Ctrip, or committing any behavior leading to an unreasonable load of large data to Ctrip network devices.
    4. Committing unfair competitive behavior which violates the Principles of honesty and credibility, or disrupting the transaction processes of Ctrip through actions such as malicious reservation or fraudulent transaction. Or
    5. Other behavior not related to online transactions.
  3. Collection of Information
    To provide you with better service, the Ctrip App will collect your information in circumstances where you permit it, or voluntarily provide it. For the purpose of providing Ctrip membership services, the user consents to: (1) provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data; (2) update this information continually. The user may authorize Ctrip to disclose this basic information to a third party but not to publicize any supplementary information unless: (1) the user requests or authorizes Ctrip and/or any other person to disclose this information through email; (2) applicable laws and regulations, or legal procedures require Ctrip to provide the user's personal data. If the user provides incorrect information, Ctrip reserves the right to cease providing Ctrip's services to the user. By making use of Ctrip's services, the user agrees and accepts all relevant information service provided related to Ctrip services.
  4. User Privacy System

    Ctrip strictly safeguards the right to privacy of its users and implements reasonable measures to protect their personal information. Hence, in addition to the aforementioned Part 2 Collection of Information, Ctrip will not publicize or disclose any of the user's supplementary information, nor will it store non-public content in the Ctrip‘s services, unless as required by applicable laws and regulations, or legal procedures, or when disclosure of this information is necessary on the basis of integrity, including but without limitation to the following circumstances: (1) to abide by relevant laws and regulations, and to comply with legal procedures for Ctrip membership services; (2) to maintain and protect Ctrip's trademark rights; (3) to protect the privacy and security of its users and the general public in emergency situations; and (4) to comply with laws, regulations and/or legal procedures, if any otherwise applicable.

    Special Authorization

    You fully understand and irrevocably, grant for free the following rights to Ctrip and its affiliates:

    1. Ctrip's affiliates or partners may allow Ctrip users to login and use the services which they provide. The user's activities in such cases shall be subject to the terms and conditions published by the affiliate or partner. In order to implement the abovementioned functionality, you agree that Ctrip will synchronize your registration information and transaction data with the system of Ctrip's affiliates or partners, or allow their use of such information.
    2. If you login to Ctrip using the account and password of Ctrip's affiliates or partners, in order to provide similar services and functionality, you agree that Ctrip will synchronize your registration information and transaction data from the account of Ctrip's affiliate or partner with Ctrip's own system, and allow their use of such information, and you agree that Ctrip and its affiliates or partners will bear no liability or consequences to you, if any.
    3. To ensure transaction security, you agree that Ctrip and its affiliates may carry out data analysis using your information, and you agree to allow Ctrip and its affiliates to use result of such analysis for commercial purposes.
    4. You agree to authorize and accept business information from Ctrip through your email, mobile phone and delivery address when you make use of various services provided by Ctrip. Such business information includes but is not limited to the latest products and promotions from Ctrip. If you prefer not to receive such information, you may unsubscribe by adjusting the relevant settings in Ctrip.
  5. Use of Cookies
    A cookie is a text file which a web server stores on your access device. It will record information about a user's visit to a website to simplify the process of inputting your personal information. You can accept or reject cookies being stored on your device. If your browser automatically enables cookies, you might need to configure your browser to reject cookies according to your own preferences. If you disable cookies, you might not be able to fully access functions or features of the Ctrip website.
  6. Security of User Account and Password
    Once you register as a member of Ctrip, you will be required to set up an account name and password. You will be responsible for the safety of your own account and password, and will assume full responsibility for any activity or events which occur from within the account. You may change your password at any time, or close your account and register a new one. If there is any illegal use of a member account or a loophole in security, the user shall inform Ctrip immediately.
  7. Reminder of Personal Sensitive Information
    Some personal information may be regarded as personal sensitive information, such as your race, religion, and health and medical information. This type of personal sensitive information will be strictly protected. As has been previously stated in this Privacy Policy, your personal sensitive information may be disclosed when you upload contents and information during your purchasing products or services provided by Ctrip. Hence, please consider carefully before using Ctrip's products or services. You agree to your personal sensitive information being handled as described in this Privacy Policy.
  8. Storage and Limitation of Ctrip Membership Service Information
    Ctrip is not responsible for the failure to delete or failure to store information provided by the user. Ctrip has not set an upper limit to the volume of data transferred but it reserves the right to terminate the member account if Ctrip deems in its own discretion that the user's behavior does not comply with the Terms of Use of Ctrip membership or the user violates the regulations of the service clause. The copyright of all contents referred under this Terms of Use shall be jointly owned by the author and Ctrip. Anyone wishing to reproduce this document must seek authorization from the author or Ctrip.
  9. Information Security
    Ctrip attaches great importance to information security and has set up a specialized team to handle it. Ctrip currently uses highly reliable server software, utilizes encryption protocols for information security, and has independently developed several technologies and patents for information security. We have adopted strict measures to ensure the information provided by the user will not be illegally accessed. The user expressly agrees that he/she bears all risks regarding information safety when using all or any of Ctrip's services, and that Ctrip shall not be held responsible or liable, if any.
  10. Protection of Information of Juveniles
    Ctrip attaches great importance to the protection of the personal information of juveniles. If you are under 18 years old, you must get the prior written approval of your parent or legal guardian in advance, before using Ctrip services.
  11. Limited Liability
    Ctrip is not responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, particular and ensuing damage arising from: inappropriate use of network membership services, illegal use of services or changes in information where information is provided by a user.
  12. User Content Management
    The user is solely responsible for content which they publish. When using this type of service, all local laws, national laws and international legal standards in areas where Ctrip provides service will apply. Users must comply with the following rules:
    (1) all published content must conform to relevant laws and regulations of China;
    (2) Ctrip's services must not be used for any illegal purposes;
    (3) interference or disturbance to the network service is prohibited;
    (4) user must comply with all the network agreements, regulations and procedures regarding the Ctrip's services. Membership services make use of the Internet to deliver and receive information. Hence, the behavioral guidelines of the user are subject to relevant laws and regulations, policies and procedures regarding the Internet. Users shall not disseminate any illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar or obscene information. Users shall not transmit any information that abets criminal behavior; encourages domestic disadvantage and national security, or violates local laws, national laws and international legal standards. Illegal or non-authorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. If the user's behavior is inconsistent with the aforementioned service clause, Ctrip may terminate the service account immediately in its sole discretion. Users shall assume the legal responsibility for their own behavior when using membership services. If the user spreads and propagates reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws, the information received by membership service system may be disclosed and used as the evidence of the user's violations.
  13. Termination of Service
    The user or Ctrip may at any time terminate online service. Ctrip shall not be held responsible for any individual or third party due to terminating service at any time. If the user objects to any service clause, objects to any modified terms, or is dissatisfied with the Ctrip membership service, he/she shall take the following procedures :
    (1) cease to use Ctrip's services; (2) terminate Ctrip membership; and (3) inform Ctrip to cease providing services to such member. At the time of termination of membership services, the user's rights of using Ctrip membership will also be terminated, after which, Ctrip will discharged of any and all obligations and liabilities, if any, to the user.
  14. Scope of Privacy Policy

    Except for some specific services that will have their own privacy policy, the Ctrip Privacy Policy applies to all Ctrip services. . In that case, such special policy for the specific service will constitute a part of the Ctrip Privacy Policy. In case of any inconsistency between the privacy policy of the special service and the Ctrip Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of the specific service shall prevail.

    Unless otherwise specified, the words and phrases used in the Ctrip Privacy Policy have the same meaning as in the Ctrip Application Software License and Service Agreement.

    Please note that the Ctrip Privacy Policy shall not apply in the following circumstances: information is collected by a third party service accessed via our services (including any third party websites), or information collected from other companies and organizations which advertise on our services.

  15. Modification of Privacy Policy
    Ctrip will modify the Privacy Policy when necessary. When a change occurs, we will notify users of the modified content before they enter the next page of our website or mobile application. You have the right to accept or decline. If the user continues to use the services of Ctrip, the following two items need to be confirmed and accepted: (1) the new Ctrip Service Clause and its amendment(s); (2) the restrictions of Terms of Use.
  16. Legal
    This Privacy Policy shall be governed and construed by the laws of China. The user and Ctrip both agree to submit all disputes, if any, arising from Ctrip's services to the exclusive jurisdiction of the people's court in China. If any provision of any of Ctrip's Terms of Use is in conflict with the law, the provision shall be interpreted as closely as possible to its original meaning as far as allowed by law, and other provisions shall fully retain their legal force and effect. Any dispute which arises from the interpretation of this Terms of Use and any service through Ctrip shall be subject to the judgment of Shanghai Changning District People's Court.


Ctrip neither guarantees the network service will meet the requirement of users, nor that the network service will be uninterrupted. Ctrip does not guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service.

Ctrip does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of external links provided for users’ convenience. Any content accessed by clicking an external link is not controlled by Ctrip and Ctrip does not assume any responsibility.

Ctrip does not assume any responsibility for interruption or other defects pertaining to network service caused by factors beyond our control or by force majeure, however will make efforts to mitigate the loss and effect caused herein to the user.

The laws of the People’s Republic of China apply to this Terms of Use. The user and Ctrip are in complete agreement to obey the laws of the People’s Republic of China and agree to submit all disputes arising from Ctrip services to the exclusive jurisdiction of Shanghai Changning District People’s Court. In the case that any term contravenes the laws of the People’s Republic of China, these provisions shall be interpreted exactly as prescribed in the legal regulations. Other provisions will still retain their legal effect. We reserve the right to amend the above disclaimer and other terms and conditions from time to time.

This Terms of Use may be written in multi-languages along with its English version, and the English version shall prevail if any discrepancy.